We Measure Like No Other.
Finding the BEST dealership for your next vehicle purchase is easy with Sales Rater.
When looking for a new or used vehicle, you want honest feedback from consumers just like you, who have already had a positive (or negative) experience with the dealership and salesperson you’re considering. Sales Rater may be one of the only services that measures each customer’s vehicle purchase experience using more than twelve questions, photo capture, hand-written comment card, 5-star rating, and more.

Sales Rater Rates Salespeople Too!
Salespeople are rated on every sale they make, using more than twelve different factors. Combined, these factors measure the level of professionalism each salesperson has to offer, allowing you to choose the best salesperson, as well as the best dealership, when considering the purchase of a new or used vehicle.

Dealerships who care about their online presence and are looking for an easy solution to capture, display and broadcast their online reviews use VASS Pages. Only VASS Pages allows automotive and motorcycle retailers to easily capture dynamic ratings and reviews (with photos) for over 70% of their clients, and then publish them in multiple formats on multiple networks. Interested? Visit VASSPages.com for more information.